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For dogs and owners looking to showcase their personalities – Max & Molly Smart ID Collars provide class, comfort, and protection for any adventure. Designed in Germany with the combined focus of quality and functionality that is present in every detail. Precision printed graphics, soft padded neoprene for full-coverage comfort, and equipped with universal Lost Pet Protection – including the upgraded Gotcha! Lost & Found App. 


MSRP Extra Small: $12.99

MSRP Small: $14.99

MSRP Medium: $16.99

MSRP Large: $18.99

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Designed in Germany, Max & Molly Smart ID Dog Collar is made with a unique 3-layer construction of plush neoprene and polyester that provides full-coverage comfort and flexibility, minimizing strain and irritation on a dog’s neck. Safety features include Power buckle (holds 5x a dog’s weight), No-escape safety ring, and Gotcha! Lost & Found Smart ID Tag & Mobile App.

GOTCHA! Lost & Found App – Never lose your best friend!

Every Max & Molly collar includes a unique Smart ID Tag with a universal QR code. This inclusive feature allows pet owners to create free custom profiles for their pets through the new Gotcha! Lost & Found App. In the event a pet goes missing, the finder simply scans the QR code (compatible with any smartphone camera) and instantly has access to view the pet’s profile with contact details and any other critical information. Whenever the missing pet’s Smart ID Tag is scanned, the owner instantly receives a notification and the geo-location from the scan. GOTCHA! is 100% EXCLUSIVE to Max & Molly Urban Pets!


  • Smart ID Tag: included on every collar.
  • Gotcha! Lost & Found App: No registration or hidden fees.
  • Neoprene Padding: full-coverage comfort.
  • Size Regulator and Fixing Ring
  • Safety Ring: designed to catch reducing the risk of escape when changing the collar.
  • Power Buckle: ultra-strong, yet lightweight closure designed to hold 5x a dog’s weight.
  • Machine Washable: Machine wash (Gentle). Air dry.
  • Retail Ready: Subtle black hang-tag packaging. Eye-catching display as an individual unit or part of the cohesive product line.

Frequently Asked


Do I need to pay for the app?
No. The Gotcha! App is completely free with no registration or monthly fees.


Are there monthly fees?
No, there are no monthly fees for continued use.


Does the tag require batteries?
No, the tag does not require batteries.


How can I scan a QR code? 
Most smartphones have an integrated QR code reader in their camera. Otherwise, simply download any QR code reader from the App or Playstore.


When do I get the location of my pet with Google Maps? 
The Gotcha! App will send you a notification anytime your pet’s ID tag QR code is scanned. Permission settings must be set to allow notifications for this feature to work properly.


Is it a GPS tracker? 
No. A GPS tracker uses different technology that would require battery and subscription service. The technology that is used with the Smart ID tag is geo-location provided through standard QR codes.


Is there a range limitation for using the tag? 
Gotcha! has no range limitation. A lost pet can be scanned from anywhere in the world where google maps is supported. The owner will recieve the location of the pet via push notification.


Is it waterproof? 
Yes, the tag and collar are waterproof.


Width (in)
 Min-Max Length (in)
 0.4  8-13
 S  0.6  11-17
 M  0.8  13-24
 L  1.0  15-24