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Pure Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats, Rich in Omega-3/6, 16oz

Marly & Dan 16oz Pure Salmon Oil is a natural supplement that enriches your pet’s diet with Omega-3 and Omega-6, promoting a healthy skin, shiny coat, and boosting the immune system while reducing stress and anxiety. Its flavorful profile makes it a beloved topper or supplement, ensuring pets enjoy their meals with the added health benefits.

Dimensions: 2.7 × 2.7 × 7.1 in
UPC: 3760388060221


Marly & Dan 16oz Pure Salmon Oil is a premium natural supplement designed to enhance your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. This high-quality salmon oil is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, known for promoting healthy skin and a shiny coat, boosting the immune system, and reducing stress and anxiety in pets. Its irresistible flavor makes it an ideal topper or supplement to your pet’s daily meals, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients they need while enjoying the taste they love. Perfect for pet owners looking to provide a holistic approach to their pet’s health, this 16oz bottle offers a convenient and effective way to enrich your furry friend’s diet.

12 Month Shelf Life

100% Pure Salmon Oil

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Marly & Dan, a Pure Salmon subsidiary based in France's leading fishing port, specializes in premium salmon treats for pets. Emphasizing sustainability and quality, they use only the noblest parts of salmon, free from unwanted parts and bones. Their treats, rich in Omega-3 and essential nutrients, are crafted with 100% natural ingredients, without cereals, added sugars, or artificial additives. Ideal for pets with food allergies, Marly & Dan's products support a healthy diet while minimizing environmental impact, making them a top choice for eco-conscious pet owners.

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