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Gor Reef Octopus Plush Dog Toys

Silly & fun, super plush, crinkly & cute… Gor Pets cuddly octopus dog toy is specially designed to captivate your furry friend with its enticing sounds and plush feel. Dogs can’t resist these unique toys’ crinkle, honk, and squeak, providing endless entertainment and engagement.



Gor Reef Octopus Plush Dog Toys
Dive into the whimsy of the Gor Reef Octopus Plush Dog Toys from Gor Pets, a part of our beloved Reef Collection. These charming octopus toys are adored by pet owners for their delightful sounds and plush texture, making them a must-have for every dog. Crafted from premium furry fabric and filled with high-grade hollow fiber, these toys are plush and soft, perfect for both play and cuddle times. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, they cater to dogs of all breeds and preferences. Each toy features multiple crinkles and squeaks, adding extra fun and entertainment for playful pups. Add a splash of fun to your store with these lovable and engaging octopus plush toys.

Product Specifications

Big Mama (60″ Long) Blue GRBMA-OCT-BLU 5055163125485 $129.99
Big Daddy (32″ Long) Purple GRBDA-OCT-PUR 5055163125461 $34.99
Daddy (25″ Long) Blue GRDA-OCT-BLU 5055163125423 $24.99
Daddy (25″ Long) Pink GRDA-OCT-PI 5055163125478 $24.99
Mommy (14.5″ Long) Purple GRMA-OCT-PUR 5055163125409 $16.99
Baby (11″ Long) Blue GRBY-OCT-BLU 5055163125362 $12.99
Baby (11″ Long) Pink GRBY-OCT-PI 5055163125355 $12.99
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Since its foundation in 1974 as P&B Gora Ltd, Gor Pets has transitioned from a renowned clothing manufacturer to a leading UK brand in pet bedding and accessories. Utilizing its vast experience in fabric and design, Gor Pets has excelled in creating high-quality and innovative pet products, with a particular emphasis on fun and durable toys. The brand's commitment to pet welfare and its knack for designing engaging accessories have made it a favorite among pet owners, continuously setting new standards in the industry for quality and creativity.

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