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Poochie Post “Sampler” ISO, Slat Wall Shelf & 24 pcs

Poochie Post Slat Wall Display, 24 Cards

Dimensions: N/A


Enhance your retail space with our 30″ Clear Acrylic Slat Wall Greeting Card Shelf, specifically designed for showcasing Poochie Post Edible Greeting Cards. This shelf holds up to 4 different designs, offering a stylish and organized display option that integrates smoothly into any slat wall setup. The package comes with 24 Poochie Post Greeting Cards, designed to fill the shelf with 16 cards for display and keep 8 as back-up for quick and easy replenishment. Ideal for retailers seeking to present a select assortment of Poochie Post’s exceptional cards in a clear, attractive manner.

Slat wall shelf measures 30″ wide, made in USA

Includes 24 cards – 16 for display and 8 back stock

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Introducing Poochie Post by Poochie-Pets, our newest domestic sensation, designed to deepen the cherished bond between you and your beloved canine companion through a delightful, edible greeting card. Tailored to tickle the taste buds of your four-legged best friend, Poochie Post stands out as the perfect conduit for sending love and joy, directly to your doorstep or as a heartwarming gift. Celebrate milestones like birthdays, holidays, or tender 'I love you' moments in a unique way that your pup can literally savor. This delectable treat is more than just a token of affection; it's a testament to the unspoken, yet profound connection you share with your furry family member.

Poochie Post Product Line Sheet

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