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Poochie Post “Nibbler” ISO, Countertop Stand & 36 pcs

Poochie Post Small Countertop Display, 36 Cards

Dimensions: N/A


Elevate your retail space with the Poochie Post Edible Greeting Cards Countertop Display. This elegant wooden 3-tier stand presents up to 6 unique designs, displaying 2 cards per tier. Each set includes a wooden display stand and 36 Poochie Post Greeting Cards. Optimize your display by stocking it with 24 cards and keeping 12 as handy refills. A perfect showcase solution for captivating customers.

Countertop Display Measures: 13.5w x 12d x 16h” – wooden, made in USA

Includes 36 cards – 24 for display and 12 back stock

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Introducing Poochie Post by Poochie-Pets, our newest domestic sensation, designed to deepen the cherished bond between you and your beloved canine companion through a delightful, edible greeting card. Tailored to tickle the taste buds of your four-legged best friend, Poochie Post stands out as the perfect conduit for sending love and joy, directly to your doorstep or as a heartwarming gift. Celebrate milestones like birthdays, holidays, or tender 'I love you' moments in a unique way that your pup can literally savor. This delectable treat is more than just a token of affection; it's a testament to the unspoken, yet profound connection you share with your furry family member.

Poochie Post Product Line Sheet

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