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Poochie Post Edible Greeting Cards For Dogs, Lucky To Have You

Delight your furry friend with Poochie-Post, the edible greeting card that’s a treat to eat! Ready for personalization, each A5-sized card exudes a tempting bacon scent and is made with dog-friendly ingredients, including potato starch and olive oil. Perfect for any occasion, this savory card comes with a special pen for edible messages, an envelope, and instructions—just add postage. Give your pooch a taste of joy with Poochie-Post, where every wag-worthy word is a treat.

Dimensions: 6 × .1 × 9 in
UPC: 645457194447


Poochie-Post: The Edible Greeting Card Treat your beloved pup to an unforgettable surprise with Poochie-Post, the 100% edible greeting card designed for pure doggie delight! Each card, measuring the perfect size of 5.8 x 8.3 inches (A5), arrives in its own individual packaging, ready to send joy through the mail. Alongside the card, you’ll find a mailing envelope, a list of wholesome ingredients, instructions for use, and a special pen with edible ink to personalize your message on the back of the card. Crafted with a dog’s love for treats in mind, Poochie-Post cards are infused with a tantalizing all-natural bacon scent and made from canine-friendly ingredients like potato starch and olive oil. This isn’t just a nibble; it’s a feast of tail-wagging jubilation, offering a uniquely flavorful message your dog can savor. Whether brightening your own furry friend’s day or sending a thoughtful morsel to another treasured pooch, Poochie-Post is a fun, delicious way to express your affection. Ideal for birthdays, holidays, or a simple ‘I love you’, these edible greeting cards are a perfect testament to the special, unspoken bond you share with your four-legged companions. (Note: Postage is not included with the card.)

Ingredients for Poochie-Post Edible Greeting Card:

Card Composition: This card is primarily made from potato starch, combined with water for flexibility, sunflower oil for a smooth texture, and maltodextrin for a touch of sweetness.

Nutritional Analysis: It boasts a modest protein content of 1.1%, essential oils and fats at 1.9%, dietary fibers at 1%, and a total mineral residue (ash) of 1.1%.

Card Flavoring: Indulge your pup’s taste buds with the savory essence of bacon, crafted from a natural flavor blend that’s oil-soluble. This includes sunflower oil, medium chain triglycerides for energy, and natural flavor. It’s completely AAFCO compliant and free from any meat or animal by-products.

Edible Ink Ingredients: Our special edible ink is made from glycerol E422, which ensures a smooth flow. The vibrant colors are derived from Brilliant Black BN E151, Azorubine E122*, Brilliant Blue FCF E133, and Tartrazine E102*. The solubilizer used is propylene glycol E1520, and citric acid E330 serves as an acidity regulator.

Free From: You won’t find any gluten, grain, rawhide, wheat, corn, soy, or salt in this card, making it a safe and enjoyable treat for your furry friend.


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Introducing Poochie Post by Poochie-Pets, our newest domestic sensation, designed to deepen the cherished bond between you and your beloved canine companion through a delightful, edible greeting card. Tailored to tickle the taste buds of your four-legged best friend, Poochie Post stands out as the perfect conduit for sending love and joy, directly to your doorstep or as a heartwarming gift. Celebrate milestones like birthdays, holidays, or tender 'I love you' moments in a unique way that your pup can literally savor. This delectable treat is more than just a token of affection; it's a testament to the unspoken, yet profound connection you share with your furry family member.

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