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Professional White Coats Shampoo for Cats

Professional product specific for cats. Whitening action shampoo, ideal to counteract the yellowing of  light coats.

Dimensions: 1.9 × 1.9 × 7.6 in
UPC: 8054181226263


PURPOSE: cleansing, whitening and glossing. It does not stain or bleach.
TYPE OF COAT: specific for white and light-colored coats, suitable to all breeds.
KEY INGREDIENTS: natural extracts of Pomegranate, Apple, Dahlia flowers, Chamomile distilled water, Quaternized Keratin, Creatine and Vitamins C+E+Panthenol.
DILUTION: suggested 1:10/ max. 1:20.
Notes of iris, rose, talc and jasmine.
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Founded in 2011, Yuup! emerges from Cosmetica Veneta, a renowned Italian laboratory acclaimed for crafting luxury skincare, cosmetics, and haircare products for humans. This prestigious background in premium formulations for globally recognized private labels paved the way for Yuup! to introduce a luxury pet grooming line, catering to both retailers and professional groomers. Beyond offering products infused with premium ingredients, Yuup! stands out by hosting an exclusive Italian grooming school, further establishing its commitment to excellence in pet care and grooming education.

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