Gor Reef Octopus Plush Dog Toy

Silly & fun, super plush, crinkly & cute... Gor Pets cuddly octopus dog toy is specially designed to capitvate your furry friend with its enticing sounds and plush feel. Dogs can't resist these unique toys' crinkle, honk, and squeak, providing endless entertainment and engagement. 

Suggested MSRP:

  • Baby (11" long) $12.99
  • Mommy (14.5" long) $16.99
  • Daddy (25" long) $24.99
  • Big Daddy (32" long) $34.99
  • Big Mama (60" long) $99.99
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Big Mama (XL) - BLUE Big Daddy - PURPLE Daddy - PINK Daddy - BLUE Mommy - PURPLE Baby - PINK Baby - BLUE
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$ 6.50
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Expand your store's product range with the Gor Reef Octopus Plush Dog Toy from Gor Pets.

Part of the sought-after Reef Collection, these toys are a hit among pet owners for their delightful sounds and plush feel. Available in three attractive colors and two sizes, they cater to a diverse clientele with dogs of all breeds.

Made with premium furry fabric, these toys promise quality and comfort. The high-grade hollow fiber filling ensures a lightweight and plush feel, making them a favorite for both play and nap times. Built for durability, they stand up to rigorous play, offering value to your customers.

Product Specifications

Big Mama (60" Long) Blue GRBMA-OCT-BLU 5055163125485 $99.99
Big Daddy (32" Long) Purple GRBDA-OCT-PUR 5055163125461 $34.99
Daddy (25" Long) Blue GRDA-OCT-BLU 5055163125423 $24.99
Daddy (25" Long) Pink GRDA-OCT-PI 5055163125478 $24.99
Mommy (14.5" Long) Purple GRMA-OCT-PUR 5055163125409 $16.99
Baby (11" Long) Blue GRBY-OCT-BLU 5055163125362 $12.99
Baby (11" Long) Pink GRBY-OCT-PI 5055163125355 $12.99

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