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Matrix Ultra LED Safety Light – Cube Packaging (3 pack)

Max & Molly individual ultra-bright rechargeable pet lights for collars, harnesses & leashes.



Max & Molly Ultra-Bright USB-Charged Pet Safety Lights – Refill Cube Lights: Designed with the modern pet owner in mind, these Max & Molly Ultra-Bright lights ensure safety and visibility. Every pet deserves the best, and these unique and waterproof lights, charged via a USB cord (universal cord included), are an essential addition to any pet accessory range.  
– 100% Waterproof Design: Ideal for beach outings, boating, hiking, or running. An essential for the outdoor lifestyle. – Easy Attachment: With its nonslip colored silicone strap, each ultra-bright light fits securely to any size collar, leash, or harness. – Battery-Free Operation: Charged via USB, you’ll never have to worry about batteries again. – Customizable Light Settings: Steady on, dim, or 2-speed blinking, all accessible with an easy pushbutton control. – Universal Compatibility: Suitable for pets of all sizes and lifestyles.
Display and Packaging:
– Eye-Catching Packaging: Each individual light is boxed (2″ x 2″) with an attractive design, complete with intuitive instructions.  
Pricing Details:
– Wholesale Price: $8.50 per unit – MSRP: $16.99
– Design: Crafted with precision in Germany *SEE SEPARATE LISTING FOR COUNTERTOP POS*
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Since its inception in 2010, Max & Molly has revolutionized the pet accessory market with its German-engineered products, known for their vibrant colors and meticulous attention to detail. Catering to both dogs and cats, each item is crafted to enhance safety, comfort, and individual style. The brand's diverse lineup includes soft padded neoprene collars and leashes, waterproof USB LED lights, the acclaimed Smart ID Tag, and the innovative Soundshield, an ultrasonic flea and tick tag. These offerings continuously attract pet owners to the unique charm and practicality of Max & Molly.

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