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Dog Soft Neoprene Leash, Tropical

Max & Molly Soft Padded Neoprene Classic Leashes

Experience unparalleled comfort and style with our waterproof, and odor-proof neoprene leashes, available in sizes XS to L and designed to pair perfectly with stylish dog collars.



Max & Molly Soft Padded Neoprene Leash: The Ultimate in Comfort and Durability Discover the Max & Molly Soft Padded Neoprene Leash, engineered for unparalleled comfort and durability. This innovative leash features a soft, padded design that ensures a comfortable grip for pet parents and a gentle experience for pets, without any harsh edges. Crafted with waterproof and odor-proof materials, the leash remains fresh and functional in any weather condition. The vibrant, colorfast fabrics maintain their appeal over time, making each walk a stylish affair. Designed with hypoallergenic and machine washable features, it caters to the well-being of sensitive pets and offers easy maintenance for owners. Equipped with heavy-duty, solid silver brushed metal components, the leash exemplifies durability and style. The intuitive snap hook provides a secure and easy attachment, while the handy D-ring allows for convenient accessory hanging. Available in a classic 4ft length with varying widths to accommodate sizes XS to L, it ensures a perfect fit for pets of all sizes. Each leash is thoughtfully paired with a coordinating Smart ID Collar, offering a comprehensive walking solution. The Max & Molly Soft Padded Neoprene Leash stands out as a testament to quality, designed to meet the needs of pets and pet parents alike.  
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Since its inception in 2010, Max & Molly has revolutionized the pet accessory market with its German-engineered products, known for their vibrant colors and meticulous attention to detail. Catering to both dogs and cats, each item is crafted to enhance safety, comfort, and individual style. The brand's diverse lineup includes soft padded neoprene collars and leashes, waterproof USB LED lights, the acclaimed Smart ID Tag, and the innovative Soundshield, an ultrasonic flea and tick tag. These offerings continuously attract pet owners to the unique charm and practicality of Max & Molly.

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