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Dog Smart ID Collar, Neoprene, Leopard Pink

The Max & Molly Ultimate Collar offers unparalleled safety with its Smart ID Tag and Safety Ring, combined with comfort and style through its plush neoprene padding and vibrant, precision-printed designs, catering to the needs of every pet owner.



Elevate your pet’s safety, comfort, and style with the Max & Molly Ultimate Collar, featuring an innovative Lost Pet Protection Program. This collar comes with a Smart ID Tag that allows pet owners to create a detailed profile with contact and pet information. If a pet wanders off, anyone can scan the QR code on the Smart ID tag to help reunite the furry friend with their owner swiftly. The Ultimate Collar goes beyond standard safety measures with its unique Safety Ring, designed to catch on the buckle and prevent pets from slipping out during the critical moments of putting on or taking off the collar. Crafted for supreme comfort, the collar boasts a plush neoprene layer inside a robust band of polyester and nylon, making it an excellent choice for pets with sensitive skin. Neoprene’s resilience makes the collar ultra-strong, lightweight, waterproof, quick-drying, odor-resistant, and more. Vibrantly precision-printed designs allow pet owners to express their pet’s personality, ensuring style does not take a backseat to functionality. The full list of benefits includes the Smart ID Tag, Safety Ring (not available with XS or cat collars), Power Buckle designed to hold five times the pet’s weight, padded neoprene layering, and features that ensure the collar is lightweight, anti-chafing, hypoallergenic, weatherproof, quick-drying, odor-proof, fade-resistant, and machine washable. Available in sizes ranging from XS to L to accommodate all pets comfortably, the Max & Molly Ultimate Collar is the perfect blend of safety, comfort, and style for a pet owner’s peace of mind.


XS – Width 3/8″ | Length 8.7-13.8″
S – Width 5/8″ | Length 11-17.7″
M – Width 7/8″ | Length 13.4-21.7″
L – Width: 1″ | Length: 15.4-24.4″

Leashes – Length 4′

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Since its inception in 2010, Max & Molly has revolutionized the pet accessory market with its German-engineered products, known for their vibrant colors and meticulous attention to detail. Catering to both dogs and cats, each item is crafted to enhance safety, comfort, and individual style. The brand's diverse lineup includes soft padded neoprene collars and leashes, waterproof USB LED lights, the acclaimed Smart ID Tag, and the innovative Soundshield, an ultrasonic flea and tick tag. These offerings continuously attract pet owners to the unique charm and practicality of Max & Molly.

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