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SPIN Bowl Slow Feeder Accessory: Bougainvillea Insert

Presenting the latest lineup from PetDreamHouse – the Interchangeable SPIN Accessories, crafted exclusively for the SPIN Interactive Feeding Bowl system.

Complexity level: EASY


Available in all three complexity levels, these accessories are perfect for retailers seeking to provide a progressive feeding experience that’s engaging, environmentally responsible, and safe for all pets.
Retailers can now offer their customers enhanced mealtime engagement with these versatile SPIN accessories. Each piece is ingeniously designed to integrate with the existing SPIN bowl base, allowing pet owners to mix and match for a customizable feeding challenge. These accessories serve to offer varying difficulty levels, from Easy to Moderate to Tricky, catering to pets at different stages of their cognitive development or to simply spice up their daily routine.
When inserted into the SPIN bowl base, each accessory maintains the interactive spinning action and can be flipped for reversible functionality, just like the original configuration sold with the complete SPIN bowl base.
Eco-conscious and quality-focused, all SPIN accessories are produced with 50% recycled plastic, emphasizing sustainability without sacrificing durability. They’re not only 100% recyclable, supporting a circular economy, but also dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning. Moreover, these products are crafted to the highest standards, utilizing premium FDA-compliant materials that are free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates, ensuring safety for pets during mealtime.
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PetDreamHouse, based in the UK, has revolutionized the slow feeder market for dogs and cats by merging an interactive puzzle with a slow feeding mechanism, creating an award-winning range of products. Dedicated to promoting the benefits of slow feeding and nutritious diets for pets, their innovative offerings provide pet owners a simple solution to engage their pets during mealtime. Unlike traditional stationary slow feeders that may cause frustration, PetDreamHouse aims to make feeding time enjoyable and stimulating for pets.

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