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PAW Dish Multi-Compartment Stationary Slow Feeding Plates

The PetDreamHouse PAW Slow Feeder plate offers a simple yet effective solution for slow feeding, designed to minimize frustration for your pet. With its distinctive paw shape, this feeder plate includes various compartments and pockets, ideal for serving a well-balanced meal. It promotes frequent and smaller bites, naturally reducing your pet’s eating pace for a healthier dining experience.



The PAW Slow Feeder by PetDreamHouse is a creatively designed, paw-shaped feeding solution that transforms mealtime into a healthier, more engaging experience. This innovative feeder combats fast eating and minimizes the risk of bloat by intricately separating your pet’s meal into multiple mini compartments. Whether diversifying their diet with various food types or evenly distributing their favorite kibble, the PAW Slow Feeder caters to every pet’s needs with its dual standard and slow-feeding areas, complemented by a central section for an even distribution of tiny portions.
Key Highlights:
  • Interactive Design: The PAW Slow Feeder turns each meal into a fun challenge, spreading food across several shallow compartments to significantly slow down consumption, ensuring better digestion and reducing the risk of bloat.
  • Versatile Feeding Options: Tailored for all kinds of diets, from crunchy kibble, soft to raw this feeder’s varied compartment shapes and sizes encourage pets to explore different textures and tastes.
  • Flexible Meal Scheduling: Ideal for regular meals or healthy snacking throughout the day, this bowl adapts to your pet’s feeding schedule, promoting consistent slow feeding habits.
  • Optimal Capacity: Designed to hold up to 1.5 cups of suitably sized food, ensuring your pet receives the perfect amount of nutrition in every meal.
  • Retail-Ready Packaging: Comes in vibrant, display-ready packaging, making it a standout addition to any retail environment or a cohesive part of a product lineup.
Additional Benefits:
PetDreamHouse stands by the quality and safety of our products, manufacturing exclusively in their family-owned facility certified under the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
They prioritize your pet’s health and safety, using only human food-grade, FDA-approved materials that are BPA-Free, PVC-Free, and dishwasher safe (top rack recommended).
Elevate your pet’s dining experience with the PAW Slow Feeder – where functionality meets fun for the ultimate feeding solution.
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PetDreamHouse, based in the UK, has revolutionized the slow feeder market for dogs and cats by merging an interactive puzzle with a slow feeding mechanism, creating an award-winning range of products. Dedicated to promoting the benefits of slow feeding and nutritious diets for pets, their innovative offerings provide pet owners a simple solution to engage their pets during mealtime. Unlike traditional stationary slow feeders that may cause frustration, PetDreamHouse aims to make feeding time enjoyable and stimulating for pets.

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