Professional White Coats Shampoo for Cats

Cleansing, Whitening, Glossing


Professional Grooming Shampoo specific for white and light-colored coats of cats (all breeds). Ideal counteract the yellowing of light coats.


Key Ingredients: Natural extracts of pomegranate, Apple, Dahlia flowers, Chamomile distilled water, Quaternized Keratin, Creatine, and vitamins C + E + Panthenol.


250ml, Concentrated


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Professional product specific for cats with white and light-colored coats (all breeds).


Key Ingredients

Pomegranate extract

Apple extract

Dahlia flowers extract

Chamomile extract

Distilled water

Quaternized Keratin


Vitamins C + E + Panthenol


Suitable for

Cats (All breeds and coat types)

Ideal for white and light-colored coats.


Dilution (shampoo:water)

Suggested 1:10 / Max 1:20

Product Specifications


Yuup Product Line: Professional Grooming 

Product Form: Liquid

Origin: Italy - Cosmetica Veneta

Volume: 250ml


Barcode: 8054181226263

Dilution: suggested 1:10 / max 1:20



Natural extracts of Pomegranate, Apple, Dahlia flowers, Chamomile distilled water, Quaternized Keratin,  Creatine and Vitamins C+E+Panthenol.


How To Use


Use suggested (1:10 / max 1:20) ratio to dilute concentrate. Apply diluted shampoo generously over a wet coat and rinse thoroughly. 


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