Professional Degreasing Shampoo for Cats

Cleansing, Degreasing, Sanitizing, Volumizing


Professional Line degreasing shampoo specific to cats. Deeply cleanses and refreshens the natural beauty of the coat. Suitable to all breeds.


Key Ingredients: Nigella Sativa oil (Black Cumin), White Fir, Nettle, Red Juniper extracts, Quaternized Keratin, Creatine, and vitamins C + E + Panthenol.


250 ml, Concentrated


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Degreasing shampoo to deep clean, restore freshness and enhance the natural beauty of the coat specific to cats. 


Key Ingredients

Nigella Sativa oil (Black Cumin)

White Fir extract

Nettle extract

Red Juniper extract

Quaternized Keratin

Vitamins C + E + Panthenol



Suitable for

Cats (All breeds and coat types)

Ideal in case of oily skin and dandruff.


Dilution (shampoo:water)

Suggested 1:10 / Max 1:20

Product Specifications


Yuup Product Line: Professional Grooming 

Product Form: Liquid

Origin: Italy - Cosmetica Veneta

Volume: 250ml


Barcode: 8054181226256

Dilution: suggested 1:10 / max 1:20



Nigella Sativa oil (black Cumin), White Fir, Nettle and Red Juniper Extracts, Quaternized Keratin, Creatine and Vitamins C+E+Panthenol.


How To Use


Use suggested (1:10 / max 1:20) ratio to dilute concentrate. Apply diluted shampoo generously over a wet coat and rinse thoroughly. 


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