Southern Dog Shampoo & Conditioner | Pure Unscented (3 Pack)

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Southern Dog Shampoo & Conditioner | Pure Unscented (3 Pack)

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Shampoo & Conditioner (17 oz)
Pure Unscented
Oatmeal & Aloe, Soothing Itch Relief w/ Baking Soda

A whole lotta nothin We reckon some dogs just want to smell like a clean dog. Hypoallergenic, naturally deodorizing shampoo.

Southern Dog Pure Unscented Oatmeal, Aloe and Baking Soda Dog Shampoo & Conditioner uses only the finest ingredients to clean your dog, while also providing itch relief from heat, outdoor fun, etc. The handcrafted formula is vitamin enriched, alcohol free, soap free and hypoallergenic. To use, thoroughly wet your pet’s coat with warm water and work in the shampoo to create a rich lather. Take a quick moment to sip some sweet tea, while the lather absorbs into fur. Thoroughly rinse from head to paw for a scent free beautiful shiny coat. We reckon you may not always want to get wet yourself, so feel free to bring your pooch’s Southern Dog shampoo and conditioner to their next grooming appointment for an extra special treatment.

Nature’s Best Ingredients Small Batch Crafted – USA 17 oz

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