Southern Dog Freshening Mist | Bourbon (3 Pack)

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Southern Dog Freshening Mist | Bourbon (3 Pack)

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Bourbon Mist (4 oz)
Freshening & deoderizing mist for your dog and his belongings

If you can’t run with the big dogs stay under the porch

Southern etiquette requires your furry best friend be neat, clean and smelling proper at all times. Southern Dog body mist is the ideal way to freshen up in between bubble baths. Simply spray a few inches from fur and allow mist to settle. Avoid facial area please as we don’t want any mist in your dog’s eyes, mouth or ears. Mist is also great for freshening up soft pet goods such as beds, clothing and car seats. All mists use only the finest ingredients, small batch crafted in the South of course. Folks will be admiring that fine Southern fragrance and soft radiant glow of cleanliness.

Nature’s Best Ingredients Small batch crafted – Kentucky 4 oz

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