Southern Dog Breath Spray | “Race Day” Mint Julep (3 Pack)

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Southern Dog Breath Spray | “Race Day” Mint Julep (3 Pack)

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Breath Spray “Race Day” Mint Julep (4 oz)
Freshening minty breath spray for your best friend

My horse was so late getting home, he tiptoed into the stable

Keeping with proper Southern charm and etiquette, your furry best friend deserves to have a healthy and clean mouth and of course, fresh breath. Our minty great tasting hand crafted Dog Breath Spray makes freshening your dog’s breath easy and painless! To freshen up, gently pull back your furry friend’s lips, jowls, cheeks and all that goodness to expose gums and teeth. Spray liberally in both sides of mouth, being sure to coat teeth and gums. Use daily to maintain fresh breath, control tartar and plaque, and reduce the risk of gum disease. Finest sourced ingredients, small batch crafted in the South of course. Great for daily oral care use or on-the-go adventures. Pucker up and be minty fresh.

Nature’s Best Ingredients Small Batch Crafted – USA 4 oz

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