Beco Natural Rubber Ball On Rope

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Beco Natural Rubber Ball On Rope

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  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Small
  • Large
  • Sustainably sourced materials
  • Natural rubber
  • Recycled cotton rope
  • Tough and hardwearing
  • Great for fetch
  • Wipes clean
  • Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors

MSRP: $9.99 – $14.99
MAP: 10%

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Beco’s natural rubber ball on rope is going the distance to keep your dog leaping to the sky. Thick 100% cotton rope with some length for extra throwing distance and the added weight of the rubber ball will keep it soaring through the air as they chase and (sometimes) catch. Sustainably made from strong recycled cotton and durable rubber, this toy is tough and springy enough to satisfy the heaviest of chewers. Available in 2 sizes: small, large; 3 colors: pink, blue, green.

 Why You (and your customers) Will Love The Beco Ball on Rope

Nature’s Best: Sustainably harvested from the trunk of rubber trees, natural rubber takes the best from nature. It’s tough, hardwearing, and springy enough to satisfy even the mightiest of chewers. The soft yet extra strong rope is made from recycled cotton and fastened with chunky knots.

Going the Distance: The long rope handle means the ball builds momentum as you swing it, giving extra throwing distance. When released, this toy will soar like no other, with your dog close behind.

Share the Load: Whether your dog’s a fetcher, a grab-and-runner, or a stand-by-your-side-staring-blankly-er… The ball on rope is a key addition to any of your dog’s adventures. The ball wipes clean and the rope is easy to grip, so if your dog gets tired of carrying, you can step in.

“The rope and the ball make the perfect tug and throw toy. It’s one of my puppy’s favorite toys.”

BECO Colors

Blue, Green, Pink


Small, Large


Natural Rubber, Recycled Cotton

Product Care

Supervise your pet during play. Replace when worn.


S – SKU: RRTS-001 UPC: 5060189751327, L – SKU: RRT-001 UPC: 5060189750894


S – SKU: RRTS-002 UPC: 5060189751310, L – SKU: RRT-002 UPC: 5060189750870


S – SKU: RRTS-003 UPC: 5060189751334, L – SKU: RRT-003 UPC: 5060189750900


S – Ball: 2in Rope: 12in, L – Ball: 3in Rope: 19.5in

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