Only An Ocean Introduces YUUP! Italian Cosmetics for Pets

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Only An Ocean Introduces YUUP!,  the Italian Cosmetics for Pets

A High Performing Beauty and Care Line for Professional and Home Use​

November 2, 2022



CHARLESTON, SC. November 2, 2022 / Only An Ocean -

Yuup! Sì! Yes!  The high-performing, human-grade Professional Grooming and Home product lines are here! The Professional Line is a dream come true for groomers’ everyday care challenges while pet parents enjoy pampering their companions at home. Both product lines help ease ongoing care and provide outstanding health benefits to dogs and cats alike.


Cosmetica Veneta, an international leader, adheres to strict principles of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and dermatology that are key to the brand’s consistently high-quality and professional results.  Committed to quality and transparency, the company is a full grooming line that oversees every detail of the Yuup! brand from its in-house R&D, lab formulation, and selection of eco-friendly and safe ingredients to the quality control of production. 


Yuup! Rainbow Universal Pride Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

Follow the rainbow of colors to the Yuup! collection of shampoos, conditioners, keratin serums, masks, sun care, and spa products that are designed for all breeds and coat types. Their formulations include only natural, eco-friendly, and pet-safe ingredients to respect the specific skin physiology of animals ensuring hydration and health. They are pH balanced, free of phthalate, paraben, SLS and SLES, and petrochemicals, and not tested on animals.

The shampoo and conditioner product ranges, specifically designed to purify, degrease, restructure, volumize, and control odor, are suitable for all breeds of cats, dogs, and coat types. The product line formulas are either unscented (‘Pure) or scented with enticing notes of coconut, jasmine, white tea tree, and cotton flower among other subtle fragrances. Also available in this line, Cosmetica Veneta created a Universal Pride Limited Edition shampoo to support LGBTQIA rights. In Italy, the company donates proceeds to Arcigay, the country’s foremost national gay rights organization.

Yuup! Pink Velvet Spray Serum for Silky Smooth Coats

The Yuup! brand also includes complementary care products that clean eyes and ears, detangle & gloss (spray), control sebum (green clay treatment), protect coats from UV ray, salt, and chlorine damage, and a natural insect repellent (Tea Tree and Neem Oil Spray). The scented addition of the brand’s long-wear Luxury Fragrances ‘Fashion, Color Your Style’ or ‘Love in Italy’, available in countertop displays, completes the look and attractiveness of any Yuup! dog or cat client.

Yuup! Colorful Display of Pet Fragrances

About Cosmetica Veneta

Cosmetica Veneta, an Italian production company based in Vicenza, creates innovative cosmetics in harmony with skin physiology suited for human and pet care. The Yuup! line was created by Cosmetica Veneta, an Italian production company that enjoys a long-standing international experience and reputation in the field of cosmetics, hair products and skin care.  Initially, a leader in human hair and skin care, the company created specific formulations for pets, and in 2011, Yuup! Cosmetics was born with a commitment to high-quality products and education through Yuup! Grooming Academy for Professionals offers courses and seminars in grooming and cosmetology.

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