The new 2023 PoochieBells® Classic Spring Collection is in!

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The new 2023 PoochieBells® Classic Spring Collection is in!

March 17, 2023


CHARLESTON, SC. March 17, 2023 / Only An Ocean -

Ring a Ding! The 2023 Spring Collection of the Bits and Bites Classic PoochieBells®, the handcrafted Original Doggie Doorbell and Communication Tool, is now available in vibrant colors and playful styles to match the blooming season. 


The 2023 Spring Collection features six (6) new whimsical ribbon prints that will add a ‘spring’ in your pooch’s step: Puppaccino, Cool Doggo Sammich, Dunkin’ Buddy, Nosé All Day, Stay Brewtiful and Nutty Dog.


The new Spring 2023 Classic is available at select pet retailers with an MSRP of $17.99 – 19.99.


Since its inception in 2005, the quality of the handmade in the USA PoochieBells® continues to be the gold standard in the industry with high-quality fabrics and leather, crystal-clear (free of lead) chime bells, long-standing durability, and dependable training tips. Its 26” hanging size fits the needs of all dogs from potty-training puppies to adult dogs.



PoochieBells new style 'puppaccino' hanging on door

About PoochieBells®

Founded in 2005, PoochieBells®, an American brand, was created to bridge the communication gap between woman/man's best friend and family. Beautifully individually and proudly handcrafted in the USA, each PoochieBells® represents an American legacy for over 18 years. Asked for by name, each bell is inscribed for authenticity, with its iconic paw print insignia designating a true PoochieBells®, and soft-sounding yet crystal-clear ring. The Original Doggie Doorbell®  joined Only An Ocean’s family of unique brands in 2018 as its flagship domestic house brand.