Max & Molly Urban Pets Launches Next Generation Tick & Flea Protection

Max & Molly Urban Pets Launches Next Generation Tick & Flea Protection

Soundshield® uses new and improved ultrasonic technology to shield dogs from fleas & ticks all season long.

March 4, 2022

CHARLESTON, SC. March 4, 2022/ Only An Ocean - the exclusive North American Distributor for Max & Molly Urban Pets announces the availability of Soundshield®, the newest technology in ultrasonic gear for dogs. Soundshield offers dog owners an effective way to protect their four-legged friends season long from fleas and ticks without harmful chemicals. Ultrasonic technology uses sound waves that pets and humans can’t hear but irritate the nervous system of ticks and fleas, therefore deterring their desire to stick around. In addition, unlike competitive products, Soundshield boasts an array of improvements and scientifically backed evidence. New features include a silicone-style strap to securely fasten close to the pet onto collars and harnesses, a completely waterproof IPX7 body, a stylish sleek design, a replaceable battery, and a blinking “active shield” indicator light.

“We recognize the need for a chemical-free way to protect our pets from unwanted passengers, Soundshield works beautifully with no harmful impact to pet, home and family. The key is to place the tag initially onto a clean flea & tick free pet, this will ensure the right start for protection,” said Michael Reiser, Founder at Max & Molly Urban Pets of Germany.  

Soundshield® Availability

Soundshield® will be featured at the upcoming Global Pet Expo in Orlando Florida this March 23-25 at Only An Ocean’s booth #5226 as well as the New Product Showcase. Product availability March 2022. Visit for additional information.


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