Beco Pets Launches 11 New Eco Friendly Dog Toys

Beco Pets Launches 11 New Eco-Friendly Dog Toys

Have fun whilst helping the planet

March 9, 2022


CHARLESTON, SC. March 9, 2022/ Only An Ocean - Beco launches a new range of eco-friendly dog toys! See them at the Only An Ocean Booth at Global Pet Expo (Booth #5226).


Beco's new hard-wearing, recycled toys are perfect for dogs large and small to have great fun playing with - all while helping reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans. The new Rough & Tough toys can withstand even the most-hearty chews and wrestles during playtime. Sustainably made from a mix of recycled materials, including up to six recycled plastic bottles in each toy, it reuses what's already here to help keep our oceans clean.


Beco Sea Character Dog Toys Beco Australian Character Dog Toys

The range of 11 dog toys includes characters inspired by sea creatures and the Australian Range. "Our Sea Characters champion the wonderful world under the waves. With over eight million tonnes of waste plastic entering our oceans every year, we hope these little characters will act as a reminder to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic wherever possible."


"Our Australian Range champions and celebrates Australia; best known for its abundant and unique wildlife, some of which is under threat from extreme weather. These animals hero Australia's biodiversity to a global audience - dogs and humans alike. We think they make pretty adorable toys too."


Each toy is as good for the planet as it is fun for your dog. The panels are woven together with double-stitching and reinforced with two layers of cloth to ensure durability even with the strongest of dogs. 




About Beco

Launched twelve years ago, Beco is the UK's leading sustainable pet brand. We are dedicated to making the highest quality toys and pet accessories in the most sustainable ways possible so that we can help look after our planet as well as your pets. Found in more than 40 countries, Beco uses the best ingredients and materials from nature to make unique products and recipes in a more sustainable way so you can feel confident about what you're choosing for your pets. 


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