PoochieBells® ISO Best Sellers Assortment with Display

Ring in PoochieBells for your store location with our newest POS countertop stand and 30 classic PoochieBells, great for new locations or refreshing your current display unit. 


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Ring in PoochieBells® for your retail location with our newest ISO Package & POS Countertop Stand

You will receive our new countertop PoochieBells® POS display and 30 of our best-selling assorted Classic PoochieBells®. Every PoochieBells® comes complete with a "Hang it. Ring it. Cheer it!" training card to help customers get started as soon as they get the product home.  Four metal-coated arms comfortably hold up to 24 units, giving you 6 additional PoochieBells® ready for easy refill. The display is made of laminated polypropylene making it, water-resistant, lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble. ISO Package price includes both product and display.

Dimensions (L x W x H)

Display: 12.5 x 10 x 36in


"Few displays have worked as well as the PoochieBells display. It is kept full, and the colors and patterns attract customers to it daily. It easily allows employees to add this affordable item onto another purchase!" 

-Petland | Lewis Center, OH


"With the display every one asks about PoochieBells. Anybody with potty training problems has been very successful with PoochieBells - we love them. 

-Woof Gang Bakery | Charleston, SC