Conditioning Shampoo & Spray Pre-Packs

Bring in something new and colorful for your shoppers.

HOWND's Natural Pet Grooming Products are certified by Cruelty Free International, accredited by PETA Cruelty Free, the Vegetarian (Vegan) Society, and The Ethical Company Organisation. These pH-balanced formulas are designed to meet the many different needs of pets and their people.


Package Options:

  • Conditioning Shampoos (5 formulas, 1pc ea)
  • Refreshing Body Mists (5 formulas, 1pc ea)
  • Full Set - Shampoos & Mists (1pc each, 10 units total)


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Shampoo Body Mist Shampoo & Body Mist
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Bring in something new and colorful for your shoppers!

This multi-award-winning health, wellness, and hygiene product line was founded in 2015 with its passion focused on natural, vegan, premium grooming products. As their popularity grew quickly with groomers and retailers, their passion developed even further with a commitment to creating products that only met the ultra-high standards of the Ethical Company and Cruelty-Free International Organizations. Now, a recognized innovative leader in the UK pet market, the Hownd line has and continues to expand with a full range of propriety formulas of essential oil grooming products and solution-based wellness products such as the Hero® antibacterial bowl.


HOWND has the solution for every kind of dog (and their human)!

Core Range Formulas Include:

  • Golden Oldies (Orange & Coriander) for aging skin and coat
  • Playful Pup (Rose & Lemongrass) for delicate growing puppies
  • Keep Calm (Lavender & Patchouli) for anxious, nervous-nellies
  • Got An Itch? (Rose & Bergamot) for dry itchy skin
  • Yup You Stink! (Eucalyptus & Cedarwood) for the stinky adventurers

Product Specifications

Volume: 8.5fl oz

Origin: United Kingdom

Shelf Life: 3 years, 18mos from open

3rd party marketplace (such as Amazon, eBay, Jet, Poshmark, Etsy) resellers are not eligible to purchase.
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