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    Beauty, Quality, and Italian Style

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About Yuup!

Yuup! was born in 2011 in the prestigious laboratories of Cosmetica Veneta, an Italian company and international leader in human health & wellness care products. This luxurious pet line was designed for optimum results in both the professional and consumer product range of grooming. 

Ingredients that make us

Natural extracts and essential oils

Vegetable-based cleansing agents

Quaternized Keratin

Vitamin complex C + E + Panthenol

Creatine protein concentration

Beauty starts on the inside

All of Yuup's formulas are skillfully crafted with ingredients and properties from the natural world to nourish and promote healthy skin and coat. Scientifically selected raw materials, extracts, essential oils and other active ingredients such as keratin, pomegranate & panthenol enhance every pet's own individual allure. From R & D to product packaging, everything Yuup! creates represents complete transparency.


Once you try this line, you’ll never want to leave it. It’s simply beautiful.

Explore the product ranges

  • Yuup! Professional

    Delicately crafted concentrated formulas that bring innovation in grooming salons where high quality and performance are a must.

  • Yuup! Retail Home Line

    Beautifully designed for retail merchandising with formulations crafted to mirror professional results in the home. 

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