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The Poochie-Pets story began in the basement of a New England home in 2005, and is an inspiring example of what a passionate entrepreneur can accomplish with drive and support. Early recognition by HGTV confirmed that the unique simplicity of the well designed, problem solving solution, filled a big need for pet owners. Creating an entire new pet category of dog doorbells, with their flagship product PoochieBells®, the brand continues to flourish. Your dog can talk, if you give them the tools to do so, and listen.



With Poochie-Pets’ key values being fine craftsmanship, passion for creation, and genuine and transparent retail relationships, its apparent why retailers have stayed so loyal to the brand over the years. The longevity of the Poochie-Pets brand inspires OAO, instilling us with the confidence needed to help all our partner brands establish long-term success. As OAO's first brand partner, Poochie-Pets will always ring true to our hearts, and will continue to be managed by its original founding team.

"Our puppy was trained in two days! Didn't think it would work but gave it a shot anyways. So happy I did! I recommend this product to anyone that is having trouble potty training or has a quiet or shy dog that has trouble letting you know they need out. Worked like a charm."


"We love our PoochieBells. We have two sets (one on the front door and one on the back door) and he picked up the idea super fast and was trained on them within the first few days! He hasn't had an accident in the house since! The other great thing is if we're in another room of the house we can always hear when he has to go. We have suggested them to many people and swear by them."

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