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Max & Molly

Established in 2010, Max & Molly's founder Michael Reiser recognized the need for a better pet safety light for his own family dog. Pursuing a solution that was eco-friendly, sleek and designed for longevity, he created the Matrix Ultra LED. This USB charged, waterproof, ultra bright LED was just the beginning. Now, with a full “dogstyle” line including collars, leashes, toys and more, Germany based Max & Molly designs products intended to be the best in their category. 


Max & Molly

Creating a worthwhile new product takes insight, creativity and courage. Creating multiple new products, each excelling across their respective categories, takes true talent. Max & Molly has the whole package. The OAO team loves watching this line grow with its dedication to style, functionality and quality, and feels very fortunate to have the unique opportunity to represent this popular European brand in the US and Canada.

"The Max & Molly LEDs are great, they don't just hang off the collar and light up the ground. I can attach it to the leash by the handle, and direct the light where I want it to shine. Perfect for dawn and dusk walks!"


"Our two Viszlas go nuts outdoors. From swimming to playing in the woods in our backyard, they put their collars through the wringer. These neoprene collars have held up amazingly, and the designs somehow stay looking darn good. We've bought many collars over the years, but these are our favorites."

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