Beco Pets

As far as origin stories go, UK based Beco has a fun one. 10 years ago, Beco founder George Bramble recognized that 4.5 billion people across Asia and beyond use chopsticks everyday. Meaning, there is an astounding amount of bamboo chopsticks off-cuts going unused. Off-cuts are the pieces of bamboo stamped out and typically trashed. Turning these off-cuts into sustainable, biodegradable pet bowls, the Beco journey began, starting a wave of environmental awareness in the pet industry.

The wave continues to roll on with astounding results. Not only has the product line grown to cover kitchen, bathroom and playtime needs for pets, but the products are truly second to none. As far as measurable positive environmental change, well, have a look...

  • By choosing Beco's recycled plastic toys, 1.8 million plastic bottles have been recycled over the past year
  • By choosing Beco's degradable poop bags, 48 million plastic bags have been prevented from polluting our oceans

Beco Pets

Most of us feel strongly about wanting to help the environment, but knowing how to do so, and finding the time and energy to do so, can be challenging. By carrying Beco's truly eco-friendly products, become an ally to mother nature and enable your customers to do the same.

This product line makes you and your dog feel good. Who wouldn’t want to make great choices for the planet while also making your pet(s) happy. The Beco team is sincerely passionate about the environment, talented, and most importantly they  lead by example - the best way to make a difference in this fast paced world. They inspire Only An Ocean to be a more eco-aware company, and we believe their product line will inspire you and your customers too. Plus, we love listening to their British accents.  

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