5Strands Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Test Kit

The talented and energetic Georgia based 5Strands team has used innovation to create a wave of awareness around at-home pet care. The widely publicized test gives pet owners the power to identify and relieve their pets' intolerances with ease. Intolerance symptoms include breathing issues, joint pain difficulties, skin problems, digestive issues, weight issues, gas problems, inflammation and many more.

While symptoms of allergies and intolerances can be the same or similar, only a small percentage of pets have true allergies. The majority of reactions are due to intolerances, and via the 5Strands test pet owners can clearly identify trigger foods and substances, as well as environmental triggers. Additionally, the hair testing method used is ideal as it eliminates storage, transportation and usability constraints associated with other types of tissue samples.

*5Strands tests for intolerances, which are different than allergies. An intolerance is a response that does not take place in the body's immune system and may appear hours or days after ingestion or exposure. A true allergy is an immune system response where reactions are typically rapid and can be life threatening.



Knowledge is key to taking the best possible care of your pet. The ease of the test and the extremely quick and comprehensive results are a true innovation. It's also a great way to establish a deeper connection with customers. Ask them to come back in and share the results. Together, you can then pick out the ideal products for their pet (food etc.) keeping their intolerances in mind. 

"I am so grateful that I found 5Strands. It tests for such a variety of triggers without the pain and discomfort of traditional testing. The information given on the results sheet is also easy to understand and interpret. I was able to transition Atlas onto a raw diet that has visually and physically made him so much healthier and happier - plus eliminating his seizures literally saved his life!"


"5Strands has changed our lives completely. I felt so bad that Pigpen was always suffering with bumps and fur loss. He's much happier now and we haven't had to go to the vet for a reaction in months! For the price of one vet visit (purchasing the test) we saved many future vet visits. This test is 100% worth it!"

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