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Established in 2005, PoochieBells® is our flagship American brand, born from a desire to improve communication between dogs and their families. With over 19 years rooted deeply in the pet industry and originating from our founder’s company, each PoochieBell is a handcrafted masterpiece, symbolizing a longstanding American tradition. Renowned and sought after by name, every bell is inscribed for authenticity, proudly standing as the Original Doggie Doorbell.

PoochieBells Product Line Sheet

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  • Bear Bells for dogs and hikers

    Poochie-Pets Trailblazin’ Bear Bells

  • poochiebells dogs life block

    PoochieBells Classic Dog’s Life Collection

  • dialogue main block image of poochiebells

    PoochieBells Classic Doggie Dialogue Collection

  • graden party poochiebells main image

    PoochieBells Classic Garden Party Collection

  • playtime group of poochiebells

    PoochieBells Classic Playtime Collection

  • Only an Ocean

    PoochieBells Classic Solid Colors Collection

  • poochiebells spot on the map group image

    PoochieBells Classic Spot on The Map Collection

  • poochiebells main block image

    PoochieBells Dog Doorbell Classic Plaid Collection

  • poochiebells-lux-leather-group

    PoochieBells Dog Doorbell Lux Leather Collection

  • web-beautycotton-webbing

    PoochieBells Premium Cotton Webbing Collection

  • poochiebells-assortment-main

    PoochieBells Refill Assorted Classic Pre-Packs

  • pb-display-empty

    PoochieBells® Countertop Display, Display Only

  • pb-display-web

    PoochieBells® ISO 30 Classic Bell Assortment with Countertop POS Display